Weight Loss eating plan that you can live with

The key to losing weight is finding a way to change your eating habits without sacrificing all the foods you love. However, if you really love fatty, greasy foods that are full of bad carbs, then you might have a problem. If you’re not ready for a full blown diet, create a weight loss eating plan with which you can stick. One of the major reasons you’re overweight is probably because your eyes determine how much food your body gets, instead of allowing your body to decide. The advice you’re about to receive will help you find a way to develop a weight loss eating plan that will be easy for you to follow.

Just because you have big, beautiful dinner plates doesn’t mean that you have to put food on every inch of it. Cutting your portions will help you go a long way in finding a weight loss eating plan that will work. Cutting your portions doesn’t just mean that you shouldn’t eat as much as you do; it also means that you shouldn’t cook so much food. When you first begin dieting, temptation is basically irresistible and if you’ve already cooked so much extra food, what will stop you from devouring the leftovers in the middle of the night? Cook enough food so that everyone for whom you cook has enough for one regular portion of food.

Cutting portions for a healthy weight loss eating plan, means paying extra attention when you prepare your meals. When you prepare meat, whether its chicken, beef, or fish, each serving should be no larger than the palm of your hand. One serving is plenty of food, but getting used to this eating plan means retraining your brain. At first, a piece of meat this size will seem unreasonably small, but after a week or more you will begin to notice that dinner doesn’t make you lethargic. A similar trick is available for pasta, rice and other side dishes. The easiest way to determine how much to make, is measure these items before you cook them. A healthy weight loss eating plan should minimize your pasta and rice intake, but one serving is ½ cup measured raw. The same is true of vegetables, but eating extra vegetables isn’t so terrible.

A weight loss eating plan that is based on controlling your portions will have positive results in just a few weeks. In addition to helping you control or lose weight, cutting portions allow you to have foods you love. Changing your portions will decrease your calorie intake by at least one-third, allowing room in your diet for the occasional bowl of ice cream or triple fudge brownie. Cutting your portions is a weight loss eating plan that you can live with, and learn to love.

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