Sensa Diet Review

Sensa Diet Reviews

How does the Sensa Diet work?

The Sensa diet is a new kind of dietary supplement which uses a powder instead of things like shakes or bars. This powder is intended to help weight loss by using sense of smell as a way to suppress appetite. The idea behind this is the idea of Sensory Satiation; that is, that the sense of smell is hooked to appetite and at a certain point the ‘fullness’ signal will be sent to the brain that the body feels full.

The other idea of course is to have a diet plan with not actual dieting; simply tricking the body into sending the sated signal earlier than it otherwise would have. The Sensa diet claims to have the largest clinical studies done on it with over 1400 participants and an average weight loss of 30.6 pounds. Is the hype justified? This Sensa diet review seeks to help answer that question.

Pros and Benefits

  • Sensa is gluten free, calorie free, sugar free and fat free
  • The Sensa product uses no pills, shakes or bars and can be added tastelessly to any food
  • It is extremely convenient to use; there are no food restrictions, no meetings, no milestones to meet and no pre-packaged foods
  • Sense does not encourage a ‘burn fat fast’ lifestyle which can be very damaging to the health
  • If one believes in mind over matter and actually does pay attention to hunger signals, weight loss will likely be achieved, though it may or may not be dramatic

Cons & Sensa Side Effects

  • Sensa does not encourage healthy eating as the claim is that one can continue to eat anything so long as Sensa sprinkles are added to the food
  • There is no real discussion around exercise
  • The ‘Study’ was conducted by the man pushing Sensa which may or may not make the product suspect
  • Sensa does not help anyone discover the real cause of the eating problems and weight issues
  • Those who emotionally overeat will likely continue to do so, Sensa or not!
  • It is very expensive: a one month supply of Sensa costs $59.00 for two .7oz vials! A six month supply costs $210 which is cheaper month by month, but a significant investment for a dietary product

Sensa Ingredients

The ingredient list in Sensa is short and sweet: maltodextrin, Tricalcium phosphate, silica, natural and artificial flavours, FD&C Yellow 5, Carmine and soy/milk ingredients (in order of appearance).

Unfortunately, most of these ingredients are very artificial and chemical based, which may put off many people. Maltodextrin for example, is an additive derived from simple sugars which is often found in candy.

On the other hand, these ingredients do their job of being sweet or salty, so at least the company does deliver on that and there are no hidden ingredients; one can read exactly what is in the product just by looking it up on the company site.

Administration, Diet & Exercise

The Sensa diet powder is easy to use. There are two flavours: sweet and salty and the idea is to sprinkle the sweet powder on sweet food and the salty powder on salty food; thus, at least in theory, tricking the brain into thinking the body is full sooner. There is nothing more to it.

Although the makers of Sensa claim that one does not have to eat any healthier or exercise to lose weight, one is always better served to eat better and exercise regularly. This will promote greater weight loss and teach basic nutrition and dietary habits which will endure long after Sensa is no longer in use.


Is there a Sensa scam going around? Well, it could be argued that Sensa is not precisely a scam; after all, people are losing weight on it. But, as with any dietary supplement, pairing it off with good common sense (eating properly and exercising) will let you lose weight far more efficiently. And at $210 for six months of Sensa, one might be better served by simply eating smaller portions and exercising more often!

However, the Sensa diet product may be used successfully for getting over plateaus or for something convenient to use in weight loss.

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109 Responses to “Sensa Diet Review”

  1. vicki chelette on December 5th, 2011

    I would disagree about your findings. You comment in your article that sensa does not help obese people learn why they are eating to much. I know this much. I may never know “why”, but I can tell you that since using sensa I have changed my eating habits and am more conscious of my food intake. When I forget to use my sensa on a meal I still watch my food intake….and know that it takes a lot less to satisfy me than I used to think. Its all about building good eating habits and being logical in my choices…..oh yea and success. I am successful with this program because its simple and it works.

  2. Gail on December 9th, 2011

    I read about this product because of the claim that this product would promote weight loss without the need for excerise. I would love to be able to excerise or even walk, but I am confined to a power wheelchair due to post polio syndrome. I am very weak and the nature of my disease makes repetitive mostion like excerise causes muscle damage and motor neuron burn out. Therefore, I am not able to excerise and have been warned to be careful about repetitive motion.
    I’ve followed a strick diabetic diet for the last four year; because I have developed type 2 diabeties and hypertention due directly to my being over weight and not being able to get up and walk or excerise. Everyone told me the diabetic diet would cause me to loose weight. Well, needless to say I have not lost a pound even though I have been strickly following the diet to control my blood sugar and blood pressure. My blood pressure and diabetes are at near perfect numbers; 120/65 and A1c 5.6. I am still nearly 100 lbs over weight the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I am often in tear at the doctors office and have been told the problem is my inability to get up and walk or even do light excerise.

    So, I say to you people out their looking for a quick easy fix. If you have the ability to get up and walk and the ability to do even light excerise, be thankful to the good Lord for what you have and use what the Good Lord gave you, for you are fortunate indeed. Walk when you can and wherever you can. If you over eat find out why. Sure everyone craves the things we should not eat, but the key is moderation in all things. You don’t have to sit and eat the whole thing in one sitting. Just have a few of whatever it is and then you will have a few tomarrow and the next day. That cookie or cake is not going to get up and hide from you or go bad over night. Learn ways of making the food you should load up on like vegetables more tasty so you will love eating them. Watch your carbs, they raise your blood sugar and make you feel hungry when you are not and you will want to eat more. Eat proteins and load your plate with good tasting veggies and only a little carbs like potatoes, bread, rice or pasta. And if you eat these carbs be sure they are whole grains like whole wheet and brown rice.

    Give praise and thanks to God that you can walk and don’t take it for granted. Walk as often as you can. If I could I would, and I would trade places any day with those people who take the handicap parking space they don’t need or merit, because they don’t want to walk the extra few steps. Remember you health is a sacred gift and can be fleeting if you don’t take care of yourself and try to stay as health as is possible for you. You are only given this one body, when it goes bad due to neglect where will you get another one?

  3. tracy on December 23rd, 2011

    Okay I bought Sensa. I had salad and homemade chicken soup. The salad had sensa sprinkled on top…. swear swear swear….. it tasted very bitter.. The soup tasted sweet. My senses and taste buds work very very well. I think sensa makes food taste sorta weird and you really don’t want to eat more! Which is fabulous. I reccomend this to all who need help!

  4. Kaitlin on December 24th, 2011


  5. dee on January 2nd, 2012

    I have been trying sensa for 2 months. Down 4 pounds. I do notice that I am satisfied faster. I’m 52 and struggling with my eating. I know it helps me but I’m not sure why and I don’t really care at this point. It’s a slow steady loss and as long as I keep going down instead of up I am satisfied. 2 pounds a months doesn’t seem like much but if I can continue at this rate I will be 24 pounds lighter at the end of one year and at my goal so I am good with that.

  6. Debi on January 2nd, 2012

    I love the one about the M&M diet….LMAO….. Believe me if you eat right, more heathly, cut out the sugars and white flour and get off your butt and execize a little you will lose weight. Don’t let these scam diets take you for a ride…..stop and think first.

  7. anissa fife on January 9th, 2012

    there are some parts of my body that need to be surgically removed like my lower belly that no diet will take off . i watch biggest losers and get tips from them about exercise and drink as much water as possible.

  8. Julie on January 9th, 2012

    These are all great comments. I just ordered SENSA last week(has not arrived yet), and had the same problem as some about the cost really NOT being free for 30 days. Signed up online, filled everything in, followed prompts, was ONLY suppose to be charged the $4.95 s/h. 2 days later I look at my credit card and the full $89.95 was charged! Livid, I called the number, waited FOREVER (about 20-25 min) to get someone, then they just wanted to credit me back $45! That made me even madder. I asked to speak to a manager/supervisor. after all was said and done, the “best” he could do was credit me back $45 and permanently give me a price of $45 for all future orders should I decide to continue. He did say though, that the free 30 days begin on the date of receiving the product. I have his full name and the date I called. I did get the $45 credit in 2 days on my card, but after reading some of these reviews and others, I don’t know what I think at this point. Just have to wait and try. Thanks everyone for your comments!

  9. Bill on January 11th, 2012

    Ok great you all want to lose weight. So why not start with eating right lots of site out there with quick meals. easy to cook. Spend less time in front of the tv and do the work on your diet. Anyone can do it just try and if you amke a mistake just start over. No one has to know but go for it make better food choices. Real food. remember if it comes in a bag a box a can don’t eat it. If it walks the earth, swims in the water flys in the sky or grows in the ground eat it!! You won’t waist money on some junk that should’nt be in your body in the first place. Contact me if you need help. Bill

  10. Violet on January 13th, 2012

    I had thought about trying sensa after so many diets and after reading these
    comments on the price of the product and the company misinforming the customers on the free trial package. I’ve decided to go back to weight watchers at least with their program works when you apply yourself to following it; also it’s way cheaper.

  11. NJK on January 13th, 2012

    You can purchase Sensa through GNC. Both in the store and on the GNC website. Whole lot less frustrating!

  12. Zoie Zorn on January 15th, 2012

    Well my husband is a pharmacist and this is a big scam. The best way to lose weight and maintain a healthy life style is to eat right and exercise. The both go hand n hand and you will be a lot happier and leaner if you make your mind up to do the right thing. It’s a very hard mental challenge but in the end, it’s totally worth it. Doing what my hubby told me, I list 58 lbs. in 6 months.

  13. Stephanie, RD on January 15th, 2012

    I have struggled with weight most of my life, and know many people who have, and let me (and millions of others) tell you–it is easy to lose, but not as easy to keep off the weight! There are countless issues surrounding success or failure in weight loss; it has been heavily researched, trust me. While the answer certainly is : ‘just eat less and exercise more’, most of us know by now, people are a strange, curious, and wonderful animal that has shown that a black and white answer might not apply so simply. I am a registered dietitian; I know that it comes down to the persons’ desire and self discipline most of the time. If this product has helped some, but not others, you can owe it to the fact that some things work for some people, while other things work for others. This has been proven through research. It is unfortunate that the company has been difficult and unreliant in its offer, however, if you can get it cheaply, I would certainly recommend giving it a try. Even if you need to combine it with another weight loss approach for success–it’s not against the law eg weight watchers, meal replacements! Bottom line: if you eat less, you will lose weight. Reshaping bad habits while losing weight needs to be a life long battle for some, and finding a safe way to do that is commendable in my book.

  14. CMWilson on January 16th, 2012

    I cut out salts, sugar and caffeine and do zumba for 20 min a day and 50 crunches a day and guess what? I havent lost a pound! I think Im going to go to gnc and pick some up and try it. It doesnt hurt to try something new and if it curbs your appetite then awesome. Im all for it.

  15. Queen Baynes on January 17th, 2012

    Back in Oct.2011, my neice wanted to try your trail product. I told her to go on line and try the $9.99 trail. There was a mistake made, they charged her card $99.00. Within mins. she call to let your people know that a mistake had been made. She was promised by at least, 9 people she talked to in the last 4mos. that they would refuned he money. She cancled the order, but has yet to recieve her money and now noone will even talk to her. They put her on hold and never return. This is bad business.Her name is: Rachelle Haynes. Address: 729 Bradford Cir., Selma Al. 36701. Someone should have taken care of this a long time ago. Either someone does not know what they are doing, or they delete all responds and kept her money! You people need to do better than this. Because if this happens often, you will get sued!

  16. Rosebud on January 18th, 2012

    I have seen this commercial many times, have not purchased the product. I would like to leave a comment to Gail (posted 12/09/11). Gail, I too, am a polio survivor but I have not developed any post polio symptoms, however, I am aware of them. Your message has motivated me to lose weight, and possiby purchase the Sensa product to do it. I do thank God every day that I can walk, – but the problem is I don’t walk – but I will begin now. You are truly a motivator. Thank you.

  17. Wade murray on January 20th, 2012

    It’s a scam

  18. jennnayyy on January 21st, 2012

    wow! I was scammed! I got the trial for 4.95 shipping and they chraged $89 to me instead. Now their saying they are having technical difficulties! Rediculous!!!!

  19. Sandy on January 21st, 2012

    I just ordered Sensa and too looked at the order after and they charged me the $89 instead of the free trial. I went back to the site I ordered it from and did a little more reading. What I see is I have 30 days to try it and cancel or continue for the $89. every 60 days. I also tried to call before I went back to the web site and got the technical difficulties message.

    After reading some of your comments, like it is supose to take 20 to 30 min. to start working, I think I’ll sprinkle it on a small piece of food 20 to 30 min. before I eat and then again on the meal. Also, I never intended to eat what ever I wanted and I always planned on a regular exercise program at least 2-3 times a week. I will also still follow a low cal diet. I found a great app on my iPhone it is called “Lose It!”. I has made me very aware of what cal. each food has so I can choose wisely. I guess I’ll let you know if my plan works

  20. Athlete on January 21st, 2012

    I have decided to stop taking Sensa, since it has not helped me at all. I am glad that I bought Sensa at a retail store enabling to return the unused portion with no problem.

    I had bought two packs to make sure I had enough for the month. I’ve used the crap for a month already.

    I should listened to the reviews about the false claims concerning this product. Instead of heeding the advice of those ( a great amount of ) who had the experience and the knowledge of the scam behind the product, my over zealousness in my quest to loose weight forced me to overlooked what was glaringly apparent–Sensa is synonymous to scam money making operation with one objective–that is catering to people with the sensitive issue of weight loss.

    I work out daily, eat three sensible meals,(1 comp carb, 1protein, 1 veg) two snacks (usually fruit) I don’t eat junk food. I thought I was a good candidate for Sensa. As a result I become one of their many (scam) victim. This will be posted on my blogs with multiple of followers, my Face Book page, and Amazon. No one should be subject to this false advertising; and throwaway their hard earned money to inflate the manufacture’s pocket.

    I feel very fortunate to have come to my senses and seen this product for what it is… A SCAM!

  21. Issi on January 22nd, 2012

    Well folks, Not looking so good for Sensa is it? I went to the website and after lingering there a live chat came up with the “countdown” to how long this slick offer would last. All I wanted to know was how much $ I’d be obligated for and :she” never would say, just 89.95! FOR HOW LONG and HOW MUCH? loud and clear…nope never gave me an answer, thats when I knew…if it looks like a duck…

  22. Lily on January 23rd, 2012

    You need to do the whole six months treatment not just one month or two I’ve lost already 50 pounds!! As the months proceed the sensa gets stronger and blocks out hunger etc.

  23. Leda on January 24th, 2012

    What a ripoff is correct!

    After paying the 5.99 for the 2 months trial, I was told not to take it anymore, called them because they tried to charge my CC 89.99 and I had not even used the 2 month trial (does not work either). I was told to send back the 4 containers with a number they gave me and I would not be charged but had to send it back at my expense within 7 days.
    DON”T BUY IT, especailly online if you just want to try it go to GNC!

  24. Star on January 26th, 2012

    I just started stated taking it last night and I KNOW it’s Working! I began using it at breakfast today, and All day I have been feeling Full! had Make myself eat a while ago, because I’m just Not hungry…I can’t Believe it! Especially that the Cravings are gone! Can’t wait to weigh myself at the end of my week!

  25. LuLu on January 26th, 2012

    All the diet stuff that is out there for sale, we should not have fat people. None of it works! EAT2 cups of veggies everyday, you will lose weight. All diet pills ect are scames!!! Eat less!!!

  26. Luana on January 29th, 2012

    I started Sensa on January 15, 2011 I have lost 6 lbs. already. I was skinny all my life and then health problems krept up on me I was 267lbs. before Ik new i. I am in so much pain everyday but I decided to get rid of the weight and the only thing I that works is Sensa. I lost 6 lbs. in two weeks just sprinkling Sensa on my food it really does work. Please don’t think I am a con or whatever you want to call fake diets this is true and it works. I am now 247 lbs and I’m not going to stop until I get to a weight I am happy with 125 lbs. This is where my weight is comfortable. I have a long way to go but I will keep you all updated with my progress. Please just try it and lose those unwanted pounds. I will comment in another 2 weeks and give you my progress.

  27. Luana on January 29th, 2012

    I meant 2012. Sorry for the mistake.

  28. Luana on January 29th, 2012

    LuLu I am sorry but you are wrong. I was 115lbs. all my life until I couldn’t move around like I used to. But I started Sensa and evryone it works It makes so you are not hungry all day.

  29. Luana on January 29th, 2012

    Gail, I can’t move around either but once I lose a good 50 lbs. I most likely will be able to do a light workout and still Sensa has helped me lose 6 lbs. so far. Just try it everyone it takes cravings away and you can eat less with out wanting more food after you have already eaten. Not everyone may loses weight you are right but if you just try it and it works for you I know you will be proud of yourself for just giving it a try. It is a little costly but if you order all six months you save alot of money.

  30. Robin on February 2nd, 2012

    I would like to make a suggestion to anyone buying these “Free” products on the web. I go and buy a pre-loaded VISA and Kroger. Spend it down to near the amount that they want for “Shipping.” I use the VISA to pay for shipping, takingthe card down to a near zero balance. Then when they try to charge for for “Automatic Reorders” or other miscellaneous charges, it won’t go through. This way, I pay only what they advertise.

    Sounds like if I want to try Sensa, I need to do this too.

  31. Anne Marie Hoppy on February 2nd, 2012

    I tried Sensa and I lost 22 lbs and never felt nervous or anxious. I am very pleased with this product. I am now finishing the shakers that are left. Four of my friends saw what the product did for me that and they ordered sensa..
    I saw those other weight loss products and I knew I would never be able to maintain my weight..Once you start with this product you want to watch what you eat..I am happy I ordered the product for 6 months…

  32. Susan on February 4th, 2012

    My problem has always been a miscommunication between my brain and stomach.
    I would never get the full signal and could eat and eat. I find the Sensa turns off the cravings and I don’t think about food all the time.. I feel satisfied even before I start eating. I can get through the evening without snacking and It’s no big deal. I’m willing to stick out the 6 month plan just for the reason food doesn’t control me anymore.

  33. Susan on February 4th, 2012

    I forgot to mention, Costco has the first month on sale for $28.00 at the store or $31.00 on line and you can get month 2-6 online now for that price also.

  34. JH on February 4th, 2012

    I have not tried the product, but the first thing that caught my attention about its use was how you must shake it on every bite you take, This in and of itself would slow down your eating and give you a chance to consider each bite you take. not to mention the grainy texture makes the food somewhat “foreign” to your senses. All of these could add up to why Sensa could work with at least some people. I do seriously doubt the mechanism promoted by company having to do with the sense of smell are invovled.

  35. loni on February 6th, 2012

    I ordered it and started using it on Saturday. It does make me feel fuller quicker. It is making me more aware of the foods and amounts of it too… but this is a free trial and after reading all of these posts, it makes me wonder if my card will be charged. I think I will call tonight and cancel the order and see what happens. scary stuff… when dealing with credit cards.

  36. Brenda Chesney on February 7th, 2012

    I just wont to check price on ordering SENSA i dont wont a free sample plus a contract agreement for you to send me more and more and more. I just wont to order what i wont when i wont it

  37. Debbi on February 7th, 2012

    Bought it on e-bay. We will see…… Although, I am not a big eater, I have gotten to the point where, even being sick with the stomach flu for a week and eating nothing, did nothing to allow me to lose any weight. So, we will see…

  38. Will on February 11th, 2012

    I can only speak for myself and it did not work. I tried it for two months and didn’t loose an ounce. Back to healthy eating and some exercise, the old fashioned way.

  39. Louis on February 11th, 2012

    The one month trial that I ordered online did nothing for me. BUT not mentioned in any promotional material, but hidden away in the “Terms & Conditions” was: 1-enrollment in an automatic shipping program that placed the burden of termination on me, 2-retention by SENSA of my credit card information for use by them for future billing without further authorization from me, 3-a program cancellation process that placed both a SENSA compliance-authorization requirement process as well as return costs on me. My objection to their against-best-business practices was met with aggressive resistance.

    I was also, once frustrated, aggravated by their lack of an easy, documentable input to SENSA (such as e-mail) It seemed that phone conversation or direct mail, both of which could be either censored or constrained, were deliberate on thier part.

    I have concluded that SENSA had not made a good faith offer to me and had set up a business model designed to capture cash flow and not attempt customer dispute resolution.

    The Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Protection Bureau offers a mechanism to post complaints, and if others’ experience is similar to mine, they could benefit yet-to-be victim-customers by placing their own complaint.

    Caveat emptor!

  40. Holly on February 19th, 2012

    I just checked my account online from my bank and there is a hold on my account for the next two month in the amount of $1113.00. Sensa is the only place that could have it unless someone stole my information. But everyone else is mentioning $89 and mine is way more. I have no idea what to do…none of my bills can be paid now.

  41. Brian Wirt on February 20th, 2012

    Sensa is a scam – do NOT even think about it. NO matter what you do, they hit you with the $89.95 and will not do anything to avoid this. It doesn’t work – they don’t care about the results, only the $90 so just save your time and money and stay away!!!!! Spread the word

  42. Virginia Smith on February 21st, 2012

    I tried the think and lose DVD and lost over 60 pounds in 7 months and ate anything I wanted.

  43. Virginia Smith on February 21st, 2012

    I would also like to add that I have not gained any weight back from using the Think and Lose DVD. It has been three months since I last used the DVD.

  44. Diana Reilly on February 24th, 2012

    “May the FORCE be with ALL of you” ..who are trying to lose weight !! YOU have the POWER in your own hands..We ARE what we EAT !!..Eating ..Less,,and Good , TASTY foods IS LIVING !!… EAT to LIVE !! ( ..rather than living to ‘eat’ ) DIETS…should NOT deprive you,,and ‘potato chips’ are NOT food !!! ‘potatoes’ are !!..and walk that dog !!..or take the ‘stairs’.. just ‘get outside for any reason…”MOVE”…and “enjoy being alive”…it burns calories !!…”LAUGH” ..EVERYDAY…that ‘s a weight loss trick…AND by the way…IS any one …”FORCE- FEEDING” YOU ???…didn’t think so… OK then.. NO MORE “DIETS” NEEDED !!

  45. Bonnie Long on February 27th, 2012

    Try Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution, Steven R. Gundry, M.D., F.A.C.S,F.A.C.C., is the inventor of some of the most widely used heart-surgery devices and is renowned as an infant heart-transplant surgeon. Now, through his Center for Restorative Medicine, he helps patients avoid cardiac and other surgical procedures by using nutrition to reverse heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. By bridging the gap between Dr. Atkins and Dr. Ornish and combining the best of the raw-foods and sugar-free plans, Dr. Gundry brings us to the next stage of diet evolotion. Also available as an eBook.
    This does work, I and my husband started in September 2011 and both lost 20lbs in 3 months. Blood counts have dropped and you feel much better. Retrains the genes in your body. Read his book and try for yourself. God Bless

  46. Vicki Bucher on March 1st, 2012

    I have been using Sensa since November 2011 and it is 1 Mar 2012 and I have not lost one pound. Did not eat heavily during the holidays. I get hunger spurts when I can’t get enough food. Then, there are times I hardly eat. I would have expected to have seen a one pound difference by now.

  47. willie on March 4th, 2012

    *ucking scam

  48. Jo Ann Spalding on March 4th, 2012

    I have lost 53 pounds in the last 6 months without any diet aids except for one slimfast shake for breakfast every morning. Stop eating junk, get out and walk and keep moving. You don’t need something to make your food taste bad to lose weight.

  49. Robert on March 11th, 2012

    Used for one month, lost 7 lbs.

  50. Rose on March 26th, 2012

    Hey, guys, I wouldn’t touch that stuff. It’s filled with chemicals. I am losing weight happily on the Let’s Do Lunch program. It is amazing! Google it. The author of the book by the same name lost tons of weight and has kept it off for years. You can eat until your full, any time of day- stuff yourself! You’ll lose weight. Lean meats, corn, beans, peas, corn thins, refried beans, all fruits and salads, just to mention a few.

    Look into it You may be glad you did!


  51. Lyn on March 27th, 2012

    I have been on Sensa for 3 months and my weight loss is only 6 lbs. I am eating less, but I think the problem is if you eat too little your body says you aren’t getting enough and holds the weight on. But that’s just my guess. BTW I ordered Sensa from Costco website, no problems. I will add exercise and see if this helps.

  52. Bruce on March 30th, 2012

    Two things:
    1) Silica? There is no generally accepted use of silica as a food additive. It is commonly found in sand and in powder form is known to cause lung cancer if inhaled. It has several industrial used but I don’t think I would feel good about eating it.
    2) It comes in a sweet powder and a salty powder. To me it sounds like it makes the sweet food too sweet so that you would not want seconds or even to finish firsts. Sort of like eating a store bought cake that has frosting so sweet that it makes you want to scrape off the frosting and just eat the cake. The same with the salt, like pouring a tablespoon of salt on top of a salty ham steak. After you choke down so much of it you just don’t want anymore.

    Ok, three things:
    3) Just eat balanced meals and get a little exercise, even if that exorcise only consists of 20 minute walks every day.

  53. Anna on April 2nd, 2012

    The Sensa Costumer Service is TERRIBLE! I am writing this review here because Sensa doesnt have the option on their webpage and I can imagine why… so hard to edit out all the negative comments. In all due respect I would like to tell all the new Sensa customers to be careful about using this product. I ended up paying S&H for my free trial and postage to sent it back and still got charged full price only later to be brushed off by the customer service representatives…

    The customer Service is the worst… and I am not the only one who thinks so I have been reading many other online reviews and you will see… most disappointing of all is that in despite of consistency in using the product it did not work… AT ALL!!! This is the biggest rip off EVER. This is the very FIRST time I give a negative review like this… believe me… Don’t waste your money!!

  54. Dana on April 4th, 2012

    the website clearly states that after 30 days that you will be charged the $89.95. You have to read the whole thing. I ordered mine from Costco. I have been using it for almost a month. I have not seen any results yet. But everything I read before buying this said most people will not see results in the first month. I have noticed that I am eating less. I like the energy drink mix they send you. It is primarily B vitamins, which gives me a boost in the afternoon.So here goes month two. I will post after this month. good luck to all

    This is what it states on the website!!!

    You have a full 30 days to try your SENSA 2-Month Starter Kit. If you enjoy SENSA, do nothing and you will be billed for the 2-Month Starter Kit one low payment of $89.95 at the end of the free trial on 5/4/2012. That’s a 35% SAVINGS off the retail price! If you decide to keep your 2-Month Starter Kit, you will be automatically enrolled in our SENSA AutoShip Delivery Service. As part of the SENSA AutoShip Delivery Service, you will receive a fresh 2-month supply of SENSA every 60 days at the low price of only $89.95 so you never run out. You will be charged this price every 60 days, billed to your credit card, plus $0.00 shipping and handling.
    If for any reason during the 30-day trial period you are dissatisfied with your SENSA product, simply log in to your account at or call Customer Care at (866) 514-2554 to cancel. You will need to generate a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and return all open and unopened product. Any free gift is yours to keep.

    AL, CA, MI, MN and NJ residents will be charged sales tax at time of purchase. Customer is responsible for return postage.

    Questions? Contact a SENSA Customer Care Representative toll-free at (866) 514-2554.

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  55. FRank on April 7th, 2012

    Too many people are too gullible. These types of companies purposely take advantage of the public’s desperation. I hate that our government lets creeps like this take advantage of American citizens…I guaranteed this doctor is a fast Eddy!

  56. J. Gatz on April 9th, 2012

    I tried Sensa and did not lose a pound. I never take 2nd helpings anyway so I
    can’t say it stopped any cravings for more food. It seemed I craved sugar more however, which was never a problem before. I was always a carb craver but more of the breads,bagels, breadsticks type. I think Sensa was an extremely expensive item to end up with no results. My doctor has me scheduled for a Thyroid UltaSound so possibly that will give me the answer to this weight gain . I ‘m 71 and have other health issues so maybe that too has some bearing on this problem as well. I think weight gain can be caused by many different issues and therefore each person has to find his or her own, but I feel they should start with a full medical workup plus lab tests to find their answers.

  57. Gwen on April 19th, 2012

    I started using Sensa on March 17, 2012. The first time I used it, I was out to dinner with my two sisters. I had to take way over half of my food home with me. I was simple full and could not eat anymore. Within two week I had lost 5 pounds. Well…”Life” happened and I stopped using it on about March 31st. On April 14th I cancelled future shippments and made arrangements to send what I had back by April 23rd. I was hoping to prehaps do this at another time. Well today is April 19th andI have not put the Sensa in the mail to go back yet. I weighed myself a couple of nights ago and found that I had gained back two pounds.
    I’ve decided that “Life” will have to just give me some room here. I have a 3 month supply and I’ve decided to keep it and use it. As I’m in the mist of changing my way of doing things to include taking better care of myself, doing more for myself and putting myself first at least every now and again, I have decided to keep this shipment and continue taking it as it really works for me.
    Five pounds in two week WORKS FOR ME!
    I’ll let you know my progress, so, more to come…
    Be Blessed!!!

  58. Elpidia E.Banaria on April 26th, 2012

    Is it advisable to a pregnant woman the sensa product?I’m just curious to know if there’s no side effect for the baby inside the womb?I really appreciate if you can answer my question regarding your product

  59. Kitty on April 26th, 2012

    I went to the sensa website to place an order for the free trial; however, after I read thoroughly how I would be billed automatically every 2 months, I stopped dead in my track and did not proceed with the order. I took the customer service number and called to question if there was another way that I could place an order for sensa versus having money deducted every two months from my credit card. I’m seeing a lot of reviews about sensa customer service; however, the 2 customer reps. that I ended up talking to were very nice and very informative.

    I ended up ordering a 6 month supply for a total of 199.00 which averages to 33.17 rounded per month. With this order, I also was sent a 30 day supply of chew which is a delicious appetite suppressant. I’ve only used the sensa product for a couple days and I can really tell that I’m feeling full and it’s not in my mind either. As far as exercise although I’m overweight I have been doing exercise, zumba (1 hour classes) for a year now so I will continue to exercise while using the sensa product. Some of these messages/reviews that I’ve read is very discouraging about sensa; however, I’m not going to let it discourage me I’m just going to see what it does for me and then I’ll comment if it doesn’t work.

    I personally feel like anyone is better off to purchase the product as a 6 month supply. I don’t feel that anyone can get results by doing or trying a product for 30 days. Furthermore, I think it’s far better to purchase this product through customer service versus the on line trial size because it is much more expensive purchasing that way. I hope to come back to this review after 6 months and let everyone know how I did with the 6 month sensa product purchase. One other thing I’d like to mention is even if the weight comes off slow; I think it would be far better than coming off too fast because usually when weight is lost to fast, it is gained back fast.

    I am eating sensibly, fruits, vegetables and whole grains because I am diabetic; however, this is what I’ve been doing before sensa and had lost 58 lbs on my own but gained 20 lbs of it back. I’m just hoping that the sensa will help me with getting back on track and from what I can tell with just the little bit of time I’ve been using it, I feel like I’m on my way to more weight loss and better health.

  60. Gail on May 4th, 2012

    I just got my 30-day trial package. And I have been using it for 3-4 days now. But when I opened the box. I was under the understanding that I was only going to be sent a 1 month trial supply. Instead they sent me supply of Sensa for 2 months. Expecting me to pay $89 and some odd cents for the second month. They did not tell me that when I got on line to order the trial . But now that I have started to use it I have noticed the difference. I do not want to eat anything late at night. Which for me that was a hard habit to break. But I weigh 182 and I need to get down to 125 for my height. And one way or another I am going to do it. But I can not afford to pay the prices that they are asking me to pay. So I have contacted them. And told them that they can bill me for the 2nd month of Sensa that I already have. But not to send me any more shipments because I can not afford them. But the product is Awesome and I really feel that it will work. And has. But they are asking to much for it. Especially now when the economy is so bad.

  61. Tara Beasant on May 7th, 2012

    I ordered Sensa around mid-January and have been very strict regarding my eating habits (and using Sensa with everything I ate). I am overweight by 40 lbs and have been trying everything (within reason) to lose this weight since my daughter was born over four years ago. Sensa made the food taste a little different; I think the texture of the tastants was more to blame than anything. However, I just returned my months 3 and 4 due to unsatisfactory results. Within the first two weeks of using Sensa, I lost 4 lbs, with exercise. I’m not a person to enjoy exercise, but it was a New Years’ resolution, and thus I participated. Since then, I have failed to keep up with my exercise routine due to landing a job where I walk (A LOT), and only used Sensa. There has been no change, which is good, but not good enough to continue to spend a large amount of funds on.

  62. Mandy on May 17th, 2012

    I just started Sensa, and as I already practice healthy eating habits and exercise, I was only hoping it could get me off my weight plateau I have been stuck at for 7 months now as I try to lose the 60 lbs I gained from pregnancy, I have about 15 lbs to go, and after reading these reviews I was somewhat skeptical that I would see any results at all. But, after my first few days of Sensa, and absolutely NO other changes to my excerise program or eating habits, I have lost 3 lbs, now I realize thats not a whole lot, but after killing myself with strict exercise regimes and only eating fresh foods for months with NO results, I am ecstatic. If you only need to get off a plateau, and want only to get your weight moving downward again, I would definitely give this a try. Despite my inital expectations, it really is working for me.

  63. a on May 20th, 2012

    you can buy it at costco 1st month and 2nd month for $38.99, If you don’t have a membership you can always ask a friend to help you out to get it.

  64. r.j.wingo on June 18th, 2012

    as usual i put the cart infront of the horse. i should have did my research first. i have tried every diet that has come down the pike. the ( old ) dextrim diet worked for me years ago. lost 68 lbs. but like all diets when you get off it you gaine your weight back + more. i ordered sensa on the 30 day trial. payed $ 10.72. received 4 containers of sweet & salty sprinkles, along with instructions. after using it on my first 2 meals i had diarrhea for about 2 movemants. no problem after that. will continue to use sensa for under the trial period. i have read the comments pro + con concerning sensa, so far it looks about 50/50. no dought sensa isent for everyone, so i suggest you dont follow my lead by putting the cart infront of the horse, do your home worh first. i will keep you posted on my progress. R.J.

  65. Elle on June 22nd, 2012

    I know a lot of people who used Sensa and they also tried Alli. They said Alli didn’t work but Sensa does. If u feel full, it means are you eating less calories and then that helps you lose weight, but you shouldn’t stop exercise though. Sensa is not a miracle worker and BOOM u lost weight automatically. My father-in-law is a doctor and he recommends this product to his patients because he used it himself.. I tried Atkins, physicians weight loss and u still feel hungry and didn’t work. Physicians Weight Loss costs $1,000-$2,000, Nutrisystem is $250/month, so $90 is not too bad compared to other weight loss programs. If u paid $90 and don’t like it then pass it to someone else who might want to try it. They wouldn’t sell the product unless it didn’t help! I am going to try it.

  66. Becky on June 29th, 2012

    I just started month 6 of Sensa. I am down 27#s. I have zero complaints and all positive to say about the product. I watch my portions, and restrict my calorie intake to between 1500-1700 calories. I don’t exercise, although I know I should. I have done all the diets – Atkins, WW, Jenny Craig…and they all WORK, but it is about changing your lifestyle. In cunjunction with the Sensa, I use the websight (have the app on my phone also), in which I track what I eat, etc. I’ll never be as thin as I was 20 yrs ago, but I can be healthier! Sensa has definitely helped me with that.

  67. glenn johnson on July 5th, 2012

    i want to join.

  68. Very Unhappy on July 10th, 2012

    Anybody that say anything good about Sensa must be paid by them. THEY ARE A TOTAL SCAM.
    When I asked their customer service rep five times very specifically if my card would be charged for any thing other than the 4.95 shipping fee….! He said no…five times. After they did I again asked how they could charge my card $89.00 30 days later they added the rest of the their speal in. Which does say that if you do nothing you will be charged.
    I actually tried the product and of course it DID NOT WORK either. If you read this before you try this product save your time and money. You will get burned! They play word games to get you card # and then charge you no matter what they say.

  69. gary davisson on July 11th, 2012

    seems like you could make this product yourself. salt and maltodextrin. duh

  70. maria appell on July 11th, 2012


  71. Earnestjaxx on July 17th, 2012

    1.Sensa sounds too good to be true because that’s exactly what it is. No one knows just how the sprinkles will affect the body.
    2. The company conducts itself as a scam company, doing bait and switch, with hidden charges…the initial month trial for $4.95 includes TWO months worth, with a sketchy deal to charge your credit card automatically. Trying to cancel subjects one to a lengthy sales pitch, inability to locate just who you are, an interminably long wait on hold, and all kinds of things that will make you wonder how you’re going to end up fighting the charges. I haven’t gotten to that last part yet, as I tried it for shorter than 2 days before deciding to send it back.
    3. I paid $4.95 up front, and an additional $6 to ship it back.
    4. My stomach and breathing was immediately compromised from the product, and don’t believe you won’t taste the granules. It also makes your mouth burn.

    Don’t give the so-called Dr. Hirsch even one thin dime of yours. If people stop falling for the scam, he’ll go out of business. And it IS a business!

  72. JJ on July 19th, 2012

    If they sold it in stores I would try it, I only want to loose 10-15 lbs. However,
    tip for buying things online- the only time I pur information to a computer is on a Visa(or mastercard-whatever) gift card, no chance of being ripped off… it’s the only 100% safe way to shop online in my opinion.

  73. JJ on July 19th, 2012

    Oh and one weight loss things ALL MY FRIENDS SWEAR BY….is the HGC drops, I’ve had friends of all shapes and sizes loose a signicifant amount of weight. I mean I have one friend who ate healthy and exercise a whole lot, another one loosing pregnancy weight, and another one who had always been 50 lbs or so over weight, they all lost weight with this thing. I haven’t tried it, it’s a bit expensive since Im only trying to loose a little weight. But I promise you, I’ve seen this stuff work… my mother struggled with her weight for a long time (ended up having surgery) and it caused a lot of depression and I know how much being over weight can effect some people. If you are someone who is desperately trying to loose weight, or find your weight causes you to feel depressed or anti social… I very strongly recommend this, google it, it gets great reviews…. it seems %1000 times better then this SENSA.
    Any one have any experience with this?
    I’ve yet to hear someone give it a bad review… Hope this helps someone.

  74. Nila on July 22nd, 2012

    I am a 48 year old woman, who needs to loose weight. I am now at a weight which does limit my activity. However; I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. Even though i am on a medication for it. My weight continues to fluctuate. i am tired of being overweight. But since there has been a mixed review of Sensa, I am not really sure if this product is such a good thing,. I have heard of Positive results but also of how expesive it is and dealing with the company in regards to its customer realations. I think that if iam to try this, that I will purchase it from a GNC. There is no way that I can afford the $89.95 asking price. Thanks everyone that has given thier input as to how Sensa works or does not.

  75. B on July 26th, 2012

    SCAM!!! I feel the need to eat more now than I ever did, and NO, it does not “curb” your appetite!!!! And in using it for a week, I have gained two pounds, and I burn 560 calories on an eliptical every day in 30 minutes

    Don’t get sucked in, here, I’ve got a diet for you….
    I heard that sprinkling foot powder on your shoes makes you want to exercise more, loosing up to 100 lbs a day!!!! study concluded by Dr. Schulls

  76. Renae on August 6th, 2012

    I am very disappointed in this product. I saw no results after about a month. It changed the taste of my food and made me sick to my stomach. I am very disappointed in the hype and the cost and no results.

  77. lucy on August 9th, 2012

    i work for sensa, it is a 30 day trial, try it before you buy it. that means you have 30 days to try the product out. if you like it and want to continue , than on the 31st day you get billed 89.95 for the 2 month starter receive. if for any reason you are disatisfied call before your trial ends and cancel get an rma number and YOU pay s&h and a tracking number send it back …and you are not resposible to pay 89.95…. it’s not a SCAM..90% customer never read terms and conditions NEVER!, so of course they call back and complain and nag…. we try our very best to help everyone..but every call is recorded and we document everything. the minute we bring up your account ..the sec the recording starts… sensa works very well in the hip and waist area, on top of that the quench plays a MAJOR roled on the program. 90% off cancellations are can’t afford, i keep forgetting which is lack of comittment from you, oh and a funny one i can taste they crystal lol,, sensa is tasteless. if you ever need help , just simply call and communicate with the sensa…80% customers don’t do that… good luck to everyone on the program…works very well. but it’s a healthy way and sustainable to loose the weight.

  78. christine on August 10th, 2012

    as with anything… “buyer beware” and read/understand everything. They did not scam you — you did not read it all. Also, what works for some people may not work for others. Everyone is different.

  79. John Hazzard on August 29th, 2012

    Many of those making comments about Sensa might devote some time to learning how to spell simple words. You tend to discredit your reviews when you cant express yourself in the written word.

  80. Mike on August 31st, 2012

    I am professional chef of eight years, and i too have a weigh probelem, mainly its because of my career. However i also have tried this product and found no resalts. And before you ask i tried it for the full month and no i did not buy it online. I have two degrees in my field of work so i am not a stranger to nutrition . In my studies i have found the only true affective way to diet is to thank of the diet as a way of eatting healthy and not a diet, it helps. Next thing you need to know and drug out in the market or any program out there can all beat with one life sytle change. And before i reviel it too you i need to tell you a few things…… First are listing….whom ever you are? Second this life style change is better than you think and is better than what you have heard. Third it is better than eat what you want but smaller postions, only because you can not trick the brian it is smarter than you think. Ok … Here it is are you ready? ……… It eatting. Vegatrain not vegan, yes there is a differnce. Vegan does not eat anything that is an aniamal or has come from an anaimal. Vegatrain is eatting mostly vegtables with a few breaks in the middle of the week where you add meat to a one meal. And belive me i did not like vetables at least the ones that wherent covered in butter or white wine. But my mom went to a dietion and he told this the best life stlye change for her. And since she did not want to do this alone, i did it with her . And can you belive it works i lost 68 lbs in six months. Yeah you heard me right. My mom lost 45 lbs in six months. I lost my with both the life style change and exercise. My mom did not she just eat vegatrain and thats it becuase she has arthrits real bad and. She cant do mutch moving around, but after going on this plan i am off all my meds. And my mom is off half of hers. This way of living has been around since the begging and has been proven sucessful over and over agian. So save the money and put towrads a med free pain free and fat free life style.

  81. Jean Friedman on September 7th, 2012

    I was on sensa for a year and have just stopped using it. I lost about 25 lbs in the first six months and maintained that loss. I stopped because I was afraid it might be bad for me. It has been a week since I stopped and I think I am gaining weight. I am thinking of taking it again.

  82. jackie witman on September 14th, 2012

    i started febuary8 2012 i lost 40 lbs i am happy with my self and three other people started and are losing weight that are friends grandaughters

  83. Steph on September 24th, 2012

    I haven’t tried Sensa, but ordered some off of Ebay. A lot less expensive and you aren’t tied to a scam-like TV deal. ;) FYI – For those of you complaining of them scamming you. I had this happen on a different type of deal and will never sign up for the “first month free” crap. Nothing is free……

  84. hollie on September 26th, 2012

    Today is my fourth day using this product! Believe me it works I have spent so much money on all those diet pills that only make you jittery but this does suppress your appetite! Along with eating right and exercise I have lost 3lbs within four days! I will do the full two months and see how it goes, I will let everyone know how my results turn out! Good luck people!

  85. Robert Brandt on October 5th, 2012

    10 lbs in 33 days. No feeling of hunger at any time. No side effects noticed. If anything, exercise reduced in that time due to injuries.

  86. Amy A on October 6th, 2012

    SENSA is a Ripoff!!! Do not get into their scam… I did not have the product for full 30 days and was charged the 89.00 dollars.. When I called to bitch them out, I was told I would have to wait 14 days.. These liars and scam artist are ripping people off.. It does not work anyway.. There customer service is a joke!!!!!!

  87. sensa_sensible on October 25th, 2012

    Sensa can lick these nuts….lol..i like reading these comments I find it very funny. We as americans have to live big especially eating. I miss those good old days where you can walk into a Mc Donald and get a small portions of food instead of super sizing it. I look at health as a life long endeavor something we should all strive to accomplish in ones life. Gimmicks like these are truly a scam, prove to me it actually works from people who use it before and after pictures and doctors who back up the information. There is a lot of weight loss products out there and cheaper in the wallet. You as the person just needs to be informed more. Think about this if you just used sensa with out any diet or exercise do you actually loose weight? A 200 pound person walks in a restaurant sits down and has 3 big plates of food and uses sensa. and actually has the nerve to say I’m loosing weight because of sensa. That doesn’t make any sense to me. I love amercia…no wonder we as a country is over weight….duh…..

  88. Wendy on October 30th, 2012

    Sensa does work. It works slowly, so do not think you are going to see pounds falling off in the first month. The company told me that the average person will see results in 4 months, but most of us want FAST results. You MUST have the sense of SMELL so you can smell the Tastants or it will not work for you. I have lost 6 pounds in two months with no exercise or change in diet. There is no taste to the tastants so they will not change the way your food tastes. You MUST shake it on EVERYTHING YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH TO EAT! They recommend a sensible diet and exercise, but I have not done either and have still lost weight. If you do not mind a slow weight loss try this it does really work. Honestly this is the 3rd time I have tried it, as I sent it back twice due to no weight loss, 3rd time was a charm and it is working….slowly but working.

  89. Imanana on November 11th, 2012

    I began Sensa 5 days ago and I have lost 4 pounds….IT WORKS… as skeptical as I was, I sprinkle it on everything and it does help me to feel full faster. I have also found I am not needing to snack before bedtime. My weight did not come on me overnight so I am not in a big rush to shed the pounds, but to lose them in a SENSIBLE way. Exercise has not happened…yet…but its on my agenda. If this is psychological, so be it, however, it is working for me. I did purchase the 6months and by next summer, I plan on feeling better about myself. Being 59 is wonderful, but to be 59, healthy and thinner is even more wonderful…

  90. alfred e. newman on December 10th, 2012

    There ain’t nothin free. If you’re overweight, it isn’t because you eat and exercise. It is because you eat too much. Shrink your stomach and you get full faster. Get up off the couch and mow the yard. Sprinkle powder over your food and pay money for it? Wakey, wakey folks. Ask the Dr. (hohoho) on TV how much he gets for running the show. Google Barnum and Bailey and learn what their motto was.

  91. Christine McNamara on December 22nd, 2012

    I tried Sensa, still have shipment 3 because it arrived after I cancelled the membership. I did not lose any weight I still don’t eat much never really ate sweets to cut them out of the diet but have tried numerous avenues to lose weight. It is difficult because I have a bad right hip and left knee to do much physical exercise and my feet go numb after standing for short periods. It is a frustration for me knowing I struggle with weight & this program is a scam, ambren is a scam and both offer money back guarentee but you can’t get your money back because you get locked into the second shipment too quick so it’s assumed by the company you are satisfied. DON’T waste your money, I DID!

  92. phyllis on December 29th, 2012

    i tryed sensa for the first two weeks and gained five(5) pounds. did every thing right not worth my money,sending it back…

  93. Hallie on December 29th, 2012

    Hello. I have taken Sensa for a year and it works fantastically. My weight was 172-174 and now 132-134 so i am thrilled.!! Having painful foot/feet and four operations on my foot for no pain relief was scared i was going to get to over 200 pounds instead with Sensa i lost a great amount of weight and was some what careful with my portions. I have kept the weight off and use Sensa sparingly now. Very Happy
    with My Results.
    Sincerely, Hallie

    My work experience is 4 years of telephone employment and love it!! I would love to know if there are any sales, customer service or retention positions available for me to do from home? My foot/feet problems and more do not really let me work away from home, please let me know. No one better to sell than a customer.
    Look very forward to hearing from you!!!!

  94. D. C. B on January 19th, 2013

    Although I was excited to try SENSA, I am very disheartened that they automatically charge 90.00 a month to your account, not even asking if it worked or did not work for you. I feel as though this is a scam and I am very upset that they would do this to all of us trying to lose weight.

    A free trial…is just that…a FREE trial. However, it truly is not because they are charging you right away after the 60 days. I will be telling people about this, especially the BBB.

    Good luck on all of your endeavors, I will be trying a different company who is more geared towards customer service and satisfaction.

  95. Barbara Tanner on February 12th, 2013

    I’ve been on Sensa for 3 weeks and have lost 5 lbs. It does make you full faster and takes away cravings….I don’t know how but it does. Maybe the reason some people don’t have good results is you have to use it on EVERYTHING you eat. Not just here and there, and you have to learn how to use the proper amount. Never once felt nervous or jittery. I’m almost 60 and have 40 lbs to lose. I feel good amout my decision. I apid $169 for 6 months. To me, that’s a bargain.

  96. Bonnie on February 17th, 2013

    I’ve been taking Sensa for three weeks now and have lost 14 pounds. After reading all the negatives on this page I started questioning them. I guess it works for some and not for others. I started out at 208 pounds and am finally, for the first time in 5 yrs, under that dreaded 200 mark. I feel sooo good about knowing I’m reaching my goals, one day at a time. It is working for me. I bought this through shopnbc and they give you 3 months to return if not satisfied so, I’m good to go. I wish you all well with however you choose to shed pounds but, this has boosted my metabolism and my positive outlook. I eat less and eat 3 meals with 3 snacks in between. I make sure I keep on schedule with it,too. Lovin their Sensa quench packs,too.

  97. Nancy on March 18th, 2013

    I tried your 1.99 special, This product does not work. I was then sent a 2nd shipment for 83.00…I sent it back that day..SENSA REFUSED TO CREDIT ME MY 83.00………BOY DOES THAT MAKE ME MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i WILL NEVER RECOMMEND YOUR PRODUCT TO ANYBODY!!!!!!!

  98. Nancy on March 18th, 2013

    Sensa is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Nancy on March 18th, 2013

    DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Mony on April 10th, 2013

    I tried Sensa when it first came out and since at least to my senses, when I sprinkled it on my food, it had a bitter taste, I went to the website, got an RMA and returned it. I got my refund as promised.

  101. Jane on April 20th, 2013

    My mother ordered Sensa months and months ago and has yet to try it. She apparently didn’t sign up for an ongoing deal because she hasn’t received any other shipments.
    For some of you people: unfortunately, everything is not 100% effective for 100% of the population. People who do not experience positive results from the product could possibly be a percentage of people who wouldn’t. You tried it, it didn’t work (for whatever reason), move on.

    The problems with the company applying charges before the 30-day trial could end up resulting in serious problems for the company down the road. If they are not responding well to this, they probably won’t be in business for long.

    For everyone else, PLEASE learn to type! If you take the time to post something on any website, it must be worth saying (at least in your mind) so take the time to spell correctly.

  102. Kaye Smith on May 2nd, 2013

    I have been taking Sensa for a little over 1 month and 2 things that have recently happened to me are some pretty extreme swelling and also some rectal bleeding. I lost 3 pounds, but with the above mentioned I have that back on.

  103. nikki on May 7th, 2013

    i just tryed sensa started today any suggestion would be nice i weigh 310 i want to lose 150 in 6 mnths i have tryed every thing

  104. Patricia Demler on May 24th, 2013

    Tks so Much for you letters I Will No buy Sensa, because they charge you More Money is a Scam ,the only wy to Lose Weigth eat very Healthy and Exercise

  105. Zahra Moutabakkir on May 30th, 2013

    SENSA DOES WORK FOR ME! I am 25 years old an an officer in the US ARMY. Through out highschool i was about 150 lbs. In college I stayed around 165. Over the past year I have hit 170 and I havent changed my diet or exercise routine. I saw the commercial for SENSA and decided to order it. I MUST SAY ive been using SENSA for three weeks now and I can really tell a difference. I weigh after every 2 weeks. After my 2nd week I had lost 8 pounds. Thats a big deal to me.
    It takes about 5 to 10 minutes for me to lose all cravings after eating the food I sprinkled SENSA on. Ive realized Im rarely hungry and have to make myself eat bc I know my body needs it. So when I do eat Im going to try to eat less fatty foods but either way Ive lost 8 plus pounds so I know its working. Im Going to keep using this product. THE REASON IT WAS SO HARD FOR ME TO LOSE WEIGHT IN MY PAST WAS BC I WAS ALWAYS CRAVING FOOD! This kind of works like ADDERALL in my opinion…but without the anxiety and weird feelings.! Im happy and will continue my journey to get back down to 155 pounds! GOOD luck to everyone trying this product, I hope it works for you like its working for me!

  106. Renae on May 31st, 2013

    dont pay 90$ …pay $40 for first month. gnc, sams club.
    the pamphlet in the sensa box mentioned that folks who are gaining wt. arent able ..for whatever reason.. to use the olfactory senses (their noses) in eating eatingwhich tells. the part in the brain that u are full then doesnt work..hence overeating. i am going to try it. i am on day. have noticed less food going into my mouth..but also better food. less bread.

  107. shelliegl on January 3rd, 2014

    Hello everyone. Happy New Year!

    I suppose everyone has an opinion about Sensa.

    I am Shelliegl and I lost 35 pounds in 11 months with Sensa.

    You must sprinkle Sensa on every solid and semi solid food you eat, you must be consistent sprinkling 100%. You do not have to eat differently, but if you are using Sensa correctly then you will notice that you are becoming satisfied with smaller portions of food. When you notice this…STOP EATING because your body is satisfied. We do not have to be members of the clean plate club, save the leftovers for another meal or throw it in the trash. When you notice that Sensa is working for you then you want to change your lifestyle to include healthier food choices and exercise.

    Anything worth doing requires effort. If you give Sensa 100% of you for the entire 6 month program then Sensa will give 100% back to you.

    If you keep doing things the same way, then you will get back the same results you have always gotten.

    Sensa is not a scam, but you MUST read all the small print and refund requirements on the website when you order.


  108. Suzy Q on January 13th, 2014

    For those who think it’s important that people understand “why” they are fat, I say…. Everyone has a different body, metabolism, height, bone density, muscle tone, different brains, different genetics.

    We live in a sedentary society. A decade ago, people walked more and performed more physical labor. At the same time, we eat more calorie dense, processed foods. It’s not surprising that some individuals struggle with weight in the day and age that we live.

    It’s not necessary for individuals to beat their own heads against the wall, trying to figure out WHY. If you are prone to weight gain, you have to find a way to deal with it, in order to improve your health and life. It’s that simple.

  109. T Harris on July 21st, 2015

    Does Sensa Work?
    The FTC has criticized the research Sensa’s makers provided about the product.

    Sensa’s web site says the company isn’t able to comment on any new study results yet.

    Sensa Refund
    The FTC will use money from Sensa’s settlement to provide refunds to consumers who bought Sensa. For more information, call 202-326-2784.

    WebMD Expert Column

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