Flex Mini Review

The Flex Mini Skirt is an electronic belt that the manufacturer claims will give you a workout while you wear it when doing your every day chores. It is sold as a way to tone, lift and firm the butt and backs of thighs without any effort on the part of the wearer. Claims that it works in just weeks and on all users are some of the most appealing selling points.

How it works
The Flex Mini Skirt works by providing four gel pads that are placed over the buttocks and upper backs of your thighs. The Flex Mini sends signals out to nerves where they are most highly concentrated. The signals extend to the butt and hamstrings which results in a contraction of the muscle followed by the relaxation. Not only are the muscles directly beneath the gel pads worked, but so are all of those in the region.
The technology behind the Flex Mini Skirt is the same that has been used successfully by medical professionals for 40 years and which has now been improved so that it can be used in this way. In the same way that similarly designed equipment is made to work muscles for those individuals who can’t work them on their own due to accidents or illnesses, the Flex Mini Skirt works the muscles in these areas without any exercise needed. Although this technology has been effective for physical therapy, the Flex Mini has not been given the approval of the FDA.

The Results
Are the claims made by the makers of the Flex Mini Skirt too good to be true? Not according to a study that was performed at the University of Wisconsin, Lacrosse.  John Porcari PHD, Professor of Exercise and Sport Science reported incredible results including the following:

  • 100% of users said it worked
  • 90% saw an improvement in body shape
  • 90% said they were firmer and more toned
  • 90% said the backs of their legs were tighter
  • 80% said their clothes felt looser
  • 80% said their bottom was more uplifted

Even though these results don’t include a report of how frequently the Flex Mini Skirt was used, the recommendation is for 30 minutes of use, 5 times each week.

While doing appropriate exercises to firm and tone the legs and butt are proven to work effectively, the Flex Mini has one advantage that will help you get results: You don’t have to have any motivation to wear the Flex Mini! The biggest obstacle most people have is that they don’t have the time and/or energy needed to keep doing these exercises for the extended period of time it takes to get results.

According to the above-mentioned study, in comparisons between individuals using the Flex Mini and those doing traditional exercises, those using the Flex Mini had a greater increase in overall strength and endurance in their buttocks muscles. Not only did the Flex Mini get comparative results to those from exercising, it surpassed them! That’s why purchasing the Flex Mini should be an easy decision for most women. It is more effective than doing 60 leg lifts each day and there is no exercise required!

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