Where to buy HCG drops!

When searching for the best HCG diet, it is important to do research because not all HCG is created equal. Some companies add other ingredients to their products, which may contain little amounts of the HCG hormone but not enough to produce the desired effects. A product manufactured by these companies won’t have the same effect as one that was manufactured by a well-known manufacturer.

Customers can buy HCG drops either from the local health store or online but the products found at health stores may not have come from facilities that are approved to make homeopathic products. Since it is cheaper to buy HCG drops from a health store, that could mean they came from less well-known manufacturers who don’t have a track record with their products. For that reason, it is usually better to buy HCG online, from a well-known company that stands behind their products and offers a guarantee on their products.

When purchasing HCG drops online, there are also many reviews that customers can research before deciding on which manufacturer to buy from. The customer would also be able to find whether if a company’s product is safe to use or not by looking it up online. Some companies also offer coupons for their HCG products, which allows the customer to save money while getting quality HCG products.
People who are significantly overweight might want to get a product that was manufactured by a company that is approved to make homeopathic products than a questionable one from the health store.

The 2 best HCG brands and how to save money with coupons

When looking for HCG to buy, there are many different brands and options to make. It is up to each person to do their own research and see if that is the right diet plan to follow. A physician should be consulted with before buying a HCG diet plan.

HCG Ultra Diet is a brand that offers one of the best HCG drops available on the market. Their products are manufactured by a FDA approved facility that maintains the highest of quality control standards. HCG Ultra products are also endorsed by a doctor, Dr. Devin McClean, D.C. Other companies that sell HCG products usually sell 1 ounce bottle per 15 days, which isn’t the correct dosage. HCG Ultra Diet provides 2 ounce bottles per 15 days, allowing diet results to be maximized. They even have their own Facebook page where customers can ask their doctor any concerns or questions they may have about the diet.
iHCGpro is another brand that also offers HCG diet drops that were manufactured by a facility in Utah, in accordance with all FDA guidelines. Both companies stand behind their products and if the customer isn’t satisfied, they will refund the customer their money. In addition to the comprehensive guarantee, customer reviews across the board continue to praise and elaborate on HCG Ultra Diet drops and the difference it has made in his or her life.

People can order products that were manufactured by a well-known company and still save money with coupons. HCG Ultra and iHCGpro offer coupons for their products. To save money on products from HCG Ultra, the coupon code BOGO25 can be used. For iHCGpro, the coupon code is save10.

Controversy about HCG drops

When it comes to the HCG diet being safe and effective, the medical community is divided in their opinions. Several people in the medical community feel that there is more research needed before writing off the HCG diet because they don’t feel it is clear whether the weight loss comes from a low calorie intake or the actual hormone itself. Others feel that it is a safe diet and some practitioners supply HCG injections to patients. There have been countless people who reported success with this diet, saying they lost between .5 and 3 pounds a day, while following a strict calorie limit of 500 calories a day.
The HCG diet allows for rapid weight loss because the weight lost comes from brown fat tissue and not muscle. If people just ate 500 calories a day, they would lose weight but that weight would come from muscle mass, which many people don’t want. Eating just 500 calories a day wouldn’t provide a body with the energy it needs where the HCG releases calories to burn, giving the body energy.

Trying a new diet can also be a little nerve wracking for people. Some people might feel embarrassed if they were seen walking into a store and buying HCG drops. By ordering online, there’s the anonymity behind the computer screen. Sometimes overweight people who have tried several diets before and all have fizzled up or failed miserably, are self-conscious about trying out new diets.

The HCG diet plan consists of a strict calorie intake limit, only 500 calories a day. There is no exercise regime for this diet because it is a short one, ranging from 15 days to a month, sometimes two months. When starting the diet, one should put into consideration how much time will be spent on this diet and the time of the year. It might not be a good idea to buy HCG and start the diet plan around the same time as the holidays.
Some people might find it difficult to stay on the diet if they are just starting out around the same time the holidays. Those mashed potatoes and the turkey stuffing smell so good, it’s hard to resist. For the person’s sanity’s sake, the diet should be done after the holidays and before summer. January through March would be good months to buy HCG diet and then when the weather warms up, the diet should be finished. That would allow the person to start exercising and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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