The best HCG Diet recipes

The hCG diet plan is becoming well known to millions who are searching for a plan that really works. As a result of this newfound popularity, hCG diet recipes that ease the restrictive 500 calorie per day phase now abound — both online and in books that you can purchase almost anywhere.

When the late Dr. Simeon began researching the hCG diet plan more than 30 years ago, he issued a protocol for all of his weight loss patients that they had to adhere to if the plan was to work. It’s a simple diet designed to minimize calories while fueling your body with what it needs to interact and be most effective when used with the hCG hormone drops or injections.

Simeon was very specific about portions and types of food involved in his diet plan. Partakers of today’s hCG diet plan can find free, new and improved hCG recipes by accessing online sites such as Facebook and official hCG diet sites.

If you prefer enhancing the hCG diet recipes with fresh or packaged seasonings or adding new twists to dishes that can taste boring, there are gourmet sites and cookbooks available. Most offer free, downloadable recipes and information that can help you along as you progress through the three phases of the plan.

Let’s face it, when food is more interesting to prepare and ingest, the diet can be much more successful in achieving long term effects. Sometimes that’s a bit tough with the hCG diet, since the approved list of foods is so short. That’s why it’s important that you incorporate interesting recipes into the diet plan that have been formulated from reputable hCG homeopaths or distributors.

There are definitely ways that you can be creative enough with the hCG diet plan so that you’re not constantly bored with the choices. For example, one free online site offers a method to bring more variety into the list of foods you must stick to. Apples can be sliced and dusted with cinnamon or cut into cubes and microwaved with cinnamon, cardamom and a bit of clove.

Finding unique and interesting recipes is an extremely important part of the hCG diet plan. If you become bored with this restrictive diet, you may fall off the wagon, and that would be a shame if you’ve invested money in the hCG hormone drops or injections and spent time researching the plan.

Many hCG dieters who have tried the plan before you have used innovative methods to add interest to the recipes without compromising the integrity of the diet plan. Some of these dieters have started blogs or web sites that you can easily log on to and take advantage of their tips and solutions.

hCG diet recipes will help you rethink what you know about eating healthy foods. As you become innovative with your own recipes, you’ll begin to realize what triggers hunger and food cravings and which foods and seasonings can satisfy your cravings and help you continue with this life-changing diet plan.

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  1. Mikela castillo on May 23rd, 2013

    Will I just started but I here good things about HOG drops so I a on day 3 so we shall see .

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