Acai Berry Benefits

acai-berryAcai Berry is a fruit, which grows in the Brazilian Amazon in the form of palm berries. Sambazon, an exporter, was the first to export Acai from Brazil. Recently, the fruit is available at most juice bars and food stores across the globe. People treat Acai Berry as an energy fruit. It is a rich source of omega acids, antioxidants and amino acids. Besides, Acai Berry contains fiber, iron, minerals and vitamins.

Acai Berry is similar to grape. The fruit taste similar as a mixture of chocolate and berries might do. For years, people in the Northern Brazil have consumed this fruit. Acai Berry is known widely for its healing powers. The fruit possesses antibacterial, antimutagenic and anti-inflammatory properties. It includes fatty acids that help to bring down the level of cholesterol.

Acai Berry supplies antioxidants to the body, which fight conditions such as the premature aging. It even contains the flavonoids commonly known as the anthocyanins. Acai Berry’s Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value, as compared to any other berry, is higher. The fruit contains vital organic vegetable protein, which keeps cholesterol level stable, while digestion. It processes faster and reaches the muscles easily than the animal protein.

Acai Berry is even carbohydrate-rich. Carbohydrates provide essential energy to the body. They prepare the body for strenuous activities such as outdoor sports. The fruit promotes good health. It brings improvement in the digestive tract and cardiovascular system too. The content of proanthocyanidine in Acai Berry is 10 to 30 times more than anthocyanins of the red wine. Due to high concentration of dietary fiber, phytosterols and monounsaturated fats, Acai Berry offers many health benefits.

Additional benefits
Fiber in Acai Berry improves the digestive system and soluble fibers lower the blood cholesterol. Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, minimizes the chances of developing cancer. Other than the fluid and energy replacement, Acai Berry offers nutrition to the body, which is complete in terms of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The proportion of fatty acid in the fruit is same as the olive oil. Studies note this lessens the risk of heart disease.

Acai Berry contains plant sterols such as the beta-sitosterol. Recently, the use of sterols is being practiced for the treatment of benign prostate dyperplasia. Sterols greatly help in the control of cholesterol level. Theobromine is another content of Acai Berry. It works as bronchial dilator and helps to open the passageways of air in lungs. Due to increase in the air capacity, there is better oxygen intake, which promotes strength and endurance.

Acai Berry complements food. It offers a variety of health benefits. The fruit caters to many problems such as improper digestion, sexual dysfunction, insomnia and skin irritation. The fruit is less sugary, and is free from side effects.

Health professionals consider the fruit as an important source of energy restoration. Though the fruit is little in size, it has huge benefits. Just like bananas, Acai Berry is found growing in bunches. Acai Berry is available in many forms such as capsules, powders and drinks. The long-term benefits of Acai Berry surely lie in its frequent consumption.

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