Is the Contour Abs a Scam?

There can be found many complaints online about the Contour Abs and many people call it a scam. But what exactly is everyone complaining about? Is the Contour Abs really a scam?

Most complaints about the Contour Abs are like the following:

  • Confusion over 30 day trial terms
  • Slow shipping – sometimes the Contour Abs arrives almost at the end of the 30 day trial period
  • Poor customer service
  • Confusion over credit card charges with some customers thinking the $14.95 trial fee is the only thing they pay
  • Contour Abs is not effective & doesn’t work well
  • Price is too high compared to competitors ab belts which offer better quality for the same price
  • Inflated claims about weight loss which are not true

In fact ab belts overall DO work, and the quality products on the market like the Flex Belt are very effective ways to keep abs firm and toned without doing a lot of workouts, crunches and sit-ups. Electronic muscle stimulation is a great way to keep in trim, and consumers should not be put off by the complaints of a few users – ab belts, if used properly, will really help them achieve their goals!

Read the review here which compares the most popular ab belts on the market before making a decision on which ab machine to buy.

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29 Responses to “Is the Contour Abs a Scam?”

  1. Rhonda on May 25th, 2010

    I do feel that this is a scam. First of all there is alot of confussion over the 30 day trial peroid and they actually bill you before the trial period is over. I called in before the 30 days and informed them I wanted to return the product and they stated they would extend the trial peroid and as long as I called back before May 25th I would not be bill. I called back to inform them I wanted to return the product. I was told I should have called back in April, in which I was never told. I explained the belt did not work for me. I changed my diet and walked everyday and did not really see any results from the belt. I was then charged 99.90 for two months. I would advise anyone to stay away from this product. If you are interested in trying a stimulating belt, try a different. Customer services was very poor and the representative was very rude.

  2. Idot on June 6th, 2010

    Rhonda…you are forgetting that they are still actually new(the company) they are busy advertising all this time that i guess they cant get everyone,but i don’t know, never had the belt

  3. Anna on July 19th, 2010

    I agree about the Contour Abs taking a very long time to arrive. They process your initial trial period payment quickly, but by the time I received the product, I barely had 2 wks to try it out. So, I sent it back. When I a week after they received it, I was told the $14.95 would not be refunded. That was the “initial trial period” payment and is non-refundable.

    In addition, they conveniently do not document your account when your product arrives back. So, your account never reflects the return.

    So, to all who are thinking about getting this…don’t waste your money or time.
    Just stick to a good eating plan, get plenty of cardio exercise, do plenty of weight training, and attend an ab workout at your gym…or, if you don’t belong to a gym, check out Oxygen magazine….they are choc ful of great ab workouts that truly do the job.

  4. Burr Tolles on August 9th, 2010

    Try this for size. We get one, its broken, we get another after sending the first back. Send that one back as it is crap. Now they are billing us for 2. Claiming that they had not have time to return the item. Now, after the card was cancled they are hitting the account again. So, paying for 2 and no product.

  5. william on October 6th, 2010

    I put the belt on as soon as it arrived in the mail. In the first 5 minutes i noticed it brought on a BIG poop. Well as i was trying to take off the belt so i could take my poop, the belt would not loosen. To make a long story short before i got the belt off i pooped my pants and continued to to so as i was removing the belt. I never did make it to the toilet and took a poop on the belt. I was so upset that i sent the belt back to the company (still covered in my poop).

  6. shelley on October 27th, 2010

    William you need a Dr. For your poop problem and your head! Who does that?! Sometimes I wear mine twice a day and guess what??? I don’t poop myself!

  7. Dumbbell on November 6th, 2010

    All I have to say is we should all get together and start a Class Action Law Suit and all get our money back! I used it did nothing, I should have checked out the T.V. Add closer when she the lady that looks like a Man had the belt on and was standing still and not saying anything, what she was doing was flexing her abs on her own and had nothing to do with the AB BELT it’s self…Take a close look at when she and her Model take the belt off you will notice there no jell pads on the belt itself at least not without the plastic film off…You have to take the Plastic film off in order for the Belt to work…It will not work unless it is off when she takes off the belt she and he either have no pads on the belt when showing you the SUPPOSEDLY Flexing of the muscles OR they have the Plastic film on,,,So yes this is a Scam and I will report this to the (BBB) and see about getting an Attorney…But have you noticed they are not on T.V. Anymore Hum wonder why!

  8. deborah muse on November 11th, 2010

    i need gel pads for the contour belt and can not find them… do youhave them? please let me know nad price thank you

  9. rick on November 12th, 2010

    @william: I like your contour abs story, whether it’s true or not :D

  10. mike on December 9th, 2010

    The contour belt is for lazy ass people who don’t workout!

  11. james cruckson on December 9th, 2010

    My Mom purchased this item and probably used it for 3 days ten every time I went to her house it was sitting on her coffee table. I then seen the commercial on TV, put it on for a week and just had irritated sore abs. Not a workout just sore irritated abs

  12. Michele on December 10th, 2010

    Deborah, did you get an answer on that? I need some too! My advice to the people who complain about the shipping taking too long (mine came in just a few days) or being charged too much or whatever…if you can’t afford the full price of the product then you shouldn’t order it to begin with. It’s awfully expensive and I wouldn’t normally pay that much for something, but I gave it a shot. It definitely works because you can feel your muscles tightening, etc. For me it will take a long time to actually be able to SEE results since most of the fat on my body is hiding my gorgeous abs underneath. ;) But this doesn’t mean that the product doesn’t work. Obviously the people in the commercials are faking the commercial, that’s what commercials do. Do you really think they got their abs just by using the belt? haha There’s a smart way to watch TV, as my husband says.

  13. Contour Customer Service - Richard on December 18th, 2010


    My name is Richard and I do customer service for the Contour Core Sculpting System at our main call center (Skybridge) in Rockford, Minnesota. 1-866-644-7706. Call this number if you want information on our product or visit our OFFICIAL website .

    First off: The 30 day trial STARTS from the day you RECEIVE it. We can track every order to gaurantee you get 30 days and trial extensions are available if you haven’t had a chance to try for the full 30 days.

    Second: Our commercial states 30 day trial to promote you can try it and afterwards you can keep it for 4 easy payments of 49.95

    Third: The contour ab belt works out your core including the obliques and you can purchase a Back Care Kit to give a full 360-degree workout which other belts do not. You can even purchase sports and spa gel pads to work out your arms, legs, back, glutes, calves, shoulders, etc.

    Fourth: Gel pads are sold over the phone and on our website which is stated above.

    Fifth: If we were a scam we wouldn’t need to make misleading websites and pages bashing competitors and still remain at the top of the market and remain a company for almost 5 years.

  14. Contour Customer Service - Richard on December 18th, 2010

    Fifth: If we were a scam why would we still remain at the top ab belt in the market and remain a company for almost 5 years? Unlike our competitors who make webpages like this giving falsified information to debunk competitors and promote their product.

    This webpage is clearly a sponsored page by the Flex Belt and for them to use our name is against the law and will be used as evidence against the Flex Belt in court.

    Also, this post is called “Contour Abs Scam Reports” and each of the claims for why it’s a “scam” are FALSE and INCORRECT. Call our toll-free number and I’d be glad to provide VALID INFORMATION FOR THE CONTOUR CORE SCULPTING SYSTEM.

  15. Contour Customer Service - Richard on December 18th, 2010

    @Michele, the people on the screen some are actors, but the pictures are REAL results and people who used the Contour themselves to help tone their cores. The system is not a weight loss product, it’s a Sculpting System, so it helps you define results. We have a diet guide to help lose the weight and the Contour Core Sculpting System will help you get the results you want sooner. We also offer a product called Contour Fat Burner Suppliments which are 100% natural, FDA cleared and are proven to help people burn up to Fat and Calories 200% faster even without Diet and Exercise, it contains a hormone named 7-keto. (Feel free to research ‘7-keto’) which is proven to increase your metabolism. It is sold over the counter for high prices, but we even offer a free trial of it and an autoship for 19.95 for a 30 day supply.

  16. Kate on December 26th, 2010

    First off for pol that complain about shipping I live over seas in japan and I got it in a week you 30 days starts when it gets to ur house. For the pol that complain about it being a rip off if ur gonna purchase a product that leaves u skeptical u call the company and ask questions I ask the guy about 50 questions including the 14.95 that don’t get back and the fact the u pay the 30 day first payment ahead but if u return it then u get that money back only.U HAVE TO ASK QUESTIONS. as well as if it work or not I also asked questions and if u read the package it tells u that I works if u use it with mild exercise not just watch tv with it on.

    I how ever bought it and I love it I have no time to hit the gym so I wear it at work (hairdresser) and on the treadmill for one session and I lost inches.

  17. james Geissler on January 5th, 2011

    So we tried the product and my wife didn’t like it. I liked it but not for $200. So I call on day 28 and get an RMA# and send back the product with two day priority mail, and the day after they gave me the RMA, they charged my bank account. So I call customer service and the lady said I could call the warehouse in a few days to see if it came in. I asked her if I talk to Big Joe at the warehouse or what? How idiotic…. I asked her to credit my account but then she asked if I got a postal return receipt and to check with the USPS to see if it makes it there. I was getting a little pissed so I just asked if I should call customer service again tomorrow. She said the warehouse will give them a note when it arrives and take care of it but Customer service could not issue the credit. I guess that doesn’t fall under customer service….you know….dealing with customers! I knew it was too good to be true…. be very wary…. its just another freaking mail order rip…

  18. cryztal on April 21st, 2011

    Wow ™william™ I love that you said the thing about the poop. I was thinking someone should poop on that damn thing! But I didn’t mean it. Hahaha. And this is for lazy people. It sucks I was watching the commercial for 30 minutes and I thaught I was in love! Ill stick wit the wach-u-mi-call-it. The round thing u put ur knees on, hold on to the bar and rock back and fourth, it looks great!

  19. spade on July 23rd, 2011

    Hey, I just always read reviews before I try a product. I just seen the ad on tv and thinking about trying it. Can anyone tell me if it truely works? Heres just some info, I do got to the gym 5 to 6 days a week. I have lost over 61 pounds. I would like to try this cause it claims to build a strong core. I sit at a desk 8 hours a day and feel it could benefit me. Can someone tell me if it work? I dont wanna poop on myself. Also, is it worth the money?


  20. Tam on August 5th, 2011

    I agree with all of the people that are unhappy with Contour and their worthless belt. I bought mine on a whim and regret it terribly. I called to try to return it and they gave me another 30 days. I called within that period to return it. They told me that they had to send me a postage thing and it will cost $12.95 for it. grudgingly, I said OK. So they are going to email me the postage thing and i can print it to attach to the box……..It never came. I called again, repeat the process……It never came. I called again (they have already charged my account $49.95 + $12.95 for the shipping) now, I want them to mail it to me. I am waiting on it now……….

  21. Hans on August 9th, 2011

    I bought this product. I am a fit 54 year old – but wanted to knock a thin layer of fat on my waist that I have picked up. When I ordered the belt -I recognized the deceptive billing and hammered them hard about not accepting additional charges- such as the vitamins they toss in ..then keep sendind and billing you for. The belt its self is a damn cheap product – a real piece of over-priced crap. The Contour folks are just your typical TV widget pushers…in for a quick few million then will disappear …with angry victims and law suits.

    The belt may work -but its bloody unpleasant being shocked constantly.
    Do not do business with these people – they suck

  22. J Skinner on September 22nd, 2011

    I am wondering how often you replace the gel pads!! What does that additional cost come to after a month or an inch??

  23. Linda Sherman on September 29th, 2011

    I am bout 104 lbs and getting a little pooch in stomach, dont splurge on eating too much, but everytime i do crunches I pull a muscle in my chest. And i would like to be toned and have the i thought to try this.Its been 2 weeks and I started pretty quick using the belt. The first week I used it @ 9 am and then @ 9Pm-@ 15-18%. I had little soreness, so i thought it was working. do a few stretching but not what they recommend(oops). and trying to cut most bread and most sugar(not all).(that is the challenge). well second week I do it 3xs a day about 6hours wait between and gradually bump it up to 20-22%. still feel sore, I dont c abbs yet, (and i dont have much fat at all. my scale says 19% fat.). My diet is really the challenge. and i think it is a MUST to c results.But im just eating alot of fruit, tuna and chicken. Im hoping this works, my pads seem to not work as well, but i did purchase extra at the time i ordered belt. I did try the red capsules for extra fat burning/energy. because i feel i am always tired. i took 1 at a time(it said take 2)and i felt it worked with the energy with no shakes and no headaches after wards. I think it could possibly help. But yes u really need to make sure its something for you. Strict diet a Must! Anyway u go, it is going to take dedication.Nothing happens over night. Good luck to all!

  24. Michael on March 27th, 2012

    I just saw the infomercial and I thought that this was to good to be true. I gooled reviews and came to this page. After reading Williams review I nearly pooped my pants. I’m still laughing. Thanks William, It seems that this product is a big poop. Thanks to the internet to protect us.

  25. Michael on March 27th, 2012

    I just saw the infomercial and I thought that this was to good to be true. I googled reviews and came to this page. After reading William’s review I nearly pooped my pants. I’m still laughing. Thanks William, It seems that this product is a big poop. Thanks to the internet to protect us.

  26. Cheryl "Sherri" Anderson on May 22nd, 2012

    PLEASE DON’T WATCH THIS COMMERCIAL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT & ORDER WITHOUT A THOROUGH ONLINE SEARCH….THEY MAY NOT SELL A LOT OF THEM, BUT AT LEAST THEY GET $14.95 FROM AN AWFUL LOT OF PEOPLE WHO GET SUCKED IN!!! I became ill after ordering and was still ill when it was delivered. I had someone send it back unopened thru the post office but as of now I hadn’t seen my $14.95 refunded to my card. I CALLED & WAS TOLD THE $14.95 WAS NON REFUNDABLE EVEN IN A CASE LIKE MINE WHERE I COULD NOT USE IT ( MEDICALLY OR OTHERWISE) I’m not a young person so I’ve been around the block a few times..I should have taken my own advice but it seemed so cut & dry I didn’t check anything out. I’ve learned in my 64 years that a company that will not work with you on a $14.95 charge will be even worse on the main charges, service, replacement etc. MY SUGGESTION IS TO BUY A BELT ( THERE ARE PLENTY ON THE MARKET) WHERE YOU CAN GO AND SEE THE PRODUCT, SEE A DEMO IN PERSON, AND ASK QUESTIONS TO THE SALESPERSON. You young folks work hard for your money & I would hate to see yah’ll screwed on the balance of this belt that you will owe! THIS IS THE BELT FROM CONTOUR TECHNOLOGIES & RUNS VERY LATE NIGHT ADS ON TV…..BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE!

  27. summer on November 16th, 2012

    i bought it and the back part to it it helped ALOT to tone the after 2 baby belly i had ( i also eat healthy and use my eliptical) but i dont have time to do a a ton of sit ups and crunches with 2 small children and being in school i think as long as you use it the right way and eat healthy it works and your not lazy about everything else …abs were very sore after the first couple days but they got used it .. i did learn to not wear it while im on my eliptical though ..sweating plus the electric pulses with the gel pads do not mix well it stung bad…but i definitely helped i dont have a six pack which i wasnt really looking for but after 2 kids i do have a nicely toned bellly to show off to my husband and on the beach :)

  28. summer on November 16th, 2012

    i also received it pretty quickly and when i need new gel pads i order about 2 weeks before i need them and get them within 1 week and the customer service is very friendly with me i usually wear it while im studying i tried doing it while i was cleaning but it hurt when i bent over …i like to have my friends put it on and tell them its just a belly warmer and when they feel their muscles tighten up like crazy they jump and scream because it was unexpected …so its also entertaining :)

  29. summer on November 16th, 2012

    i also bought it all at once pretty pricey but worth not doing 100 crunches daily when i have to study

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